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Brompton Custom Bike Builder

Our custom bike builder is currently set to the Brompton's C Line, non-electric range 2024.

We have bikes in store and regular deliveries. We aim to have each colour/ handlebar combination in stock. Other adjustments can be made in store. If we do need to make an order from scratch with Brompton, current turnaround is 5 – 7 weeks.

If you're unsure which model to go for, please feel free to visit the shop and take a look at our demo bikes that are in store and available for test riding..

We can guide you through the process of finding the right Brompton for your purposes.

We also carry a wide range of spares and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to get the most out of your new Brompton bicycle.


  • All Brompton Bikes are given a free service after 6-8 weeks use (this is a back to base service)
  • We can currently ship custom Bromptons to Mainland UK
Estimated Weight*:
(*Estimate only, excludes any luggage selections)
Handlebar Height
There are three definitive handlebar heights - Each with their own unique characteristics for riding.
We advise test riding each handlebar option to determine your perfect match.
Low (+£1295.00)
For many, this is the prettiest Brompton, It is the lightest of the Handle Bar options. The grips, at about 935mm from the ground, are the lowest height, this handlebar has the furthest reach, giving a sporty and responsive feel.

Previously known as the S-Type
Mid (+£1295.00)
The gull-wing shape of the Mid handlebars has been used on the Brompton since the outset: the grip height is 1015mm from the ground, which gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control, and there is scope for a little fore/aft adjustment. The Mid is the all-rounder in our range and remains the most popular Brompton.

Previously known as the M-Type
High (+£1295.00)
The High handlebar has been developed in response to requests from taller riders and from those wanting a markedly more upright riding position. The height of the grips from the ground has been raised to 1075mm and has a slightly longer reach than the Mid.

This additional height and reach has been achieved by spacing the handlebar hinge 30mm further away from the headset. While this means that the hinge protrudes further from the bike than on other models, the highest point on the folded bike remains the saddle, so the High fits into all existing transportation bags and covers.

Previously known as the H-Type
Gearing Options
There are four Gearing options and each can be lowered or raised to suit your riding style.
The lowered gearing options make pedalling easier... but reducing your top speed.
The raised gearing option makes pedalling harder... but increasing your top speed.

Urban - 2 Gears (+£0.00)
One gear for hills & starting off, and one for cruising. Based on the unique Brompton derailleur system and an elegant new Brompton rear hub, this is the best gearing solution for lightness and portability. The direct drive, with near-perfect chain-alignment in either gear, is crisp and efficient.

Explore - 6 Gears (+£200.00)
The combination of the new, highly-efficient Brompton Wide Range hub with Brompton's own derailleur system gives six evenly-spaced gears. Control with the two triggers is easy and, with its low transmission losses and wide range, this multi-gear system is the right choice for touring and for riding in hilly areas.
Mudguards & Rack

Mudguards Only (+£0.00)
The mudguards keep the bike and the rider dry and also provides stability when folded and parked.

Previously known as the L-Type

Mudguards and Rack (+£80.00)
This option provides the additional functionality of a luggage rack over the rear wheel. The die-cast aluminium rack comes with shock cords for tying items on, and a specially-designed Rack Sack is also available for use with it. The rear rack also allows the optional fitting of larger roller wheels, enabling the folded bike to be pulled along instead of carried.

Previously known as the R-Type
Frame Colours and Options
For all steel Bromptons, you may select separate colours for the main frame and the extremities. These colours may be the same OR different EXCEPT for Black Raw Lacquer and Flame Lacquer

Seat Height
For an inside leg over 84cm/33" you should almost certainly fit an extended or telescopic seat pillar; the latter is best for an inside leg over 90cm/35", or for taller riders wishing to minimise the height of the folded bicycle.

Standard (+£0.00)
Standard: The standard seat pillar is the default option; its shorter length keeps the weight down and ensures the most compact folded package. A standard seat pillar should be fine for anyone with an inside leg measurement of 33"/840mm or less.
Extended (+£0.00)
Extended: 60mm (over 2 inches) longer than the standard seat pillar and a bit heavier, designed for those with longer legs and available at no extra charge. The main drawback is that the seat pillar protrudes correspondingly higher from the folded package.
Telescopic (+£65.00)
Telescopic: The telescopic seat pillar is designed for those with an inside leg greater than 35"/890mm or for taller riders wishing to minimise how far the seat pillar protrudes from the folded package. The telescopic seat pillar gives up to 175mm (almost 7 inches) more elevation yet, when lowered, the saddle projects only 20mm above the folded package.

Brompton Saddle  (+£0.00)
Brompton saddle now comes with a choice of Standard width or Wide.

Brooks B17 Special  (+£90.00)
Made for Brompton, this beautiful traditional saddle will give years of comfortable cycling, the leather molding with time to the rider. Finished with hand-hammered copper rivets, and fitted with the Brompton Pentaclip for step less adjustment.

Brooks Cambium All Weather (+£75.00)
The All Weather is a durable and comfortable saddle that is "ready to ride", thanks to a vulcanised natural rubber top for flexible performance requiring no breaking in period. From freezing rain to blazing sunshine, the waterproof, weatherproof nylon cover is made to perform flawlessly in all conditions. Additionally the updated fibreglass reinforced back plate has loops for a saddle bag or other accessory.

Brooks Cambium All Weather - C17 - Colouored (+£75.00)
The All Weather is a durable and comfortable saddle that is "ready to ride", thanks to a vulcanised natural rubber top for flexible performance requiring no breaking in period. From freezing rain to blazing sunshine, the waterproof, weatherproof nylon cover is made to perform flawlessly in all conditions. Additionally the updated fibreglass reinforced back plate has loops for a saddle bag or other accessory. Now in a variety of colours to compliment your Brompton.
Handle Bar Grips
Add to your comfort and style by changing the standard grip.
For the M and H Type the Grips will need to be shortened to fit.
Brompton Standard Grips  (+£0.00)
The grips that come as standard from Brompton
Ergon GP1 (+£36.99)
Maximum comfort and best possible pressure distribution. Turn the grip to get the correct support platform position.
Available in Small or Large.
Ergon GP2 (+£45.99)
Maximum comfort and best possible pressure distribution, Turn the grip to get the correct support platform position.The bar end and support platform can be independently adjusted to suit riding position and style.
Ergon GP1 Biokork (+£45.99)
The popular GP1, but with the feel and comfort of natural cork.

The unique qualities of cork means that it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Cork's natural damping qualities also make it an ideal grip material, and its low density mean the resulting grip is a lot lighter. The BioKork grips use 40% cork, sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal which is certified for its ecologically sound production.

This ecological theme is continued throughout the rest of the grip. The inner core is plastic reinforced using natural fibre, which make up 40% of its mass. In place of mineral oil, the gel in the palm section of the grip is vegetable oil based. It is all a result of Ergon's "GreenLab" initiative.

Brooks Cambium Grips  (+£50.00)
The design of Brooks Cambium Slender Grips incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handlebar tape. The tape is made from organic cotton and natural rubber and is held in place by aluminium clamps which can be removed to replace the tape if necessary.

Brooks Slender grips (+£54.99)
Brooks Slender Leather Grips feature vegetable tanned leather and cork tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for the user, while maintaining the standard for sustainability set by the Plump Grips, allowing the user to replace worn parts if necessary.
Available in Black, Brown, Honey and may others.
Ergon GP1 Bio Leather Black (+£89.99)
The popular GP1 shape combined with an innovative Bio-friendly leather moulding technology. Free from toxins, the Alpine raw hide leather is dyed using vegetable dye, and moulded to form this luxury ergonomic grip. The leather is 'open pore' and certified hypoallergenic.
Schwalbe Marathon Racer (+£0.00)
The lightest Marathon. RaceGuard for good puncture protection. SpeedGrip Compound for the best handling characteristics. With its LiteSkin sidewall the Racer stays at an excellent weight level. A very sporty Marathon tire.
Schwalbe Marathon (+£27.50)
The Marathons are a little heavier than the Brompton tyres and the deep uni-directional tread, which gives superior grip, also means that they are not quite as free-running. But they are solidly-built, with both a Kevlar belt and a thicker sidewall to lower the risk of pinch-punctures. Like the Brompton tyres, they also come with reflective sidewalls, eliminating the need for reflectors on the wheel spokes.
Schwalbe Kojak (+£27.50)
Lightweight slick tyre excels on the road Fast and sporty RaceGuard protection belt
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre (+£60.00)
Punctures are a memory. The SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber offers particular resistance to shards of glass and flints. Even a thumbtack cannot penetrate this protective layer. The SmartGuard belt does not increase rolling resistance. The MARATHON PLUS rolls as easily as a tyre without protection.
Cateye Rapid Mini Saddle Light (+£25.00)
The Cateye Rapid Mini is a 15-lumen output, USB rechargeable rear lamp. Charged via the supplied micro USB cable, it offers up to 30 hours of use (on flashing mode, 3 hours on constant) and features 4 modes of illumination. The need to recharge is incdicated by a battery charge-level indicator. For Brompton, this has been designed attach to the saddle with the supplied bracket [NOTE - only bikes from mid 2016 feature the required thread on the stock saddle. Older bikes may require a saddle upgrade]. This pack includes the lamp, charging cable, bracket and patched screw. The lamp remains fully visible in combination with one of our saddle pouches.
Brompton Light Set (+£75.00)
Brompton's all-new powerful headlight. 500 lumens of rechargeable wide-beam light. Designed for a perfect fit on your Brompton. Made with world-leading light manufacturers CatEye. USB Rechargable

Brompton rear LED batter powered light. Secured to the back of the bike, can be mounted on mudguarded and rack-mounted Bromptons.
Moon Meteor-x Auto Pro + Comet-X (+£75.00)
Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro - Up to 600 Lumens to light your way in any lighting conditions, up to 57 hours runtime on a single charge
Comet-X - Up to 50 Lumens to ensure peak visibility, up to 20 hours runtime on a single charge
USB rechargable
Multiple brightness and flash settings
Simple and secure monting without affecting the fold of the Brompton
SP Hub Dynamo System (+£150.00)
The SP 8-series hub dynamo incorporates the best technical advancements and seeks to attain perfection in field of hub dynamos. The smooth oval shape of the hub was optimised for balance, while attaining an unprecedented weight only 350g.

Front Light - Busch + Muller LYT BN Plus - LED with al least 20 Lux luminous power, favourable alternative to halogenous headlights, Internally mounted double cable, with stainless steel holder 475D

Rear Light - With a SOLO rearlight, there is little room for mistake when it comes to riding safe and secure in the night. This rearlight is really unique when it comes to proportions, design and dimensions.
Front Luggage
Front luggage sets come complete with front carrier block and frame to attach the luggage top the brompton, as well as a waterproof cover.Please note that only the S-Bag or Mini O is suitable for use with an S-Type model.

All Brompton bikes come with a front carrier block

Game Bag - Medium (+£285.00)
The Game Bag M in Tan is constructed with waxed cotton by Scottish fabric manufacturer Halley Stevenson, with finishing touches including premium leather trims and solid brass hardware. It is a supremely functional, high-quality accessory that celebrates the best of British manufacturing with style. Features include; a large front zipped pocket, padded laptop sleeve, leather carry handle and compatibility with ALL Brompton handlebar types.

Click here for full product information

Borough Waterproof Bag - Large (+£180.00)
Designed to give maximum capacity and functionality wherever your ride takes you

Featuring an adjustable external load carry strap (making for easy access to helmets or jackets), padded laptop section and bright orange internal lining to help locate items quickly, this bag packs-it-all in, day in, day out

The largest of the fully waterproof bags made for the Brompton front carrier block

Click here for full product information

Metro Waterproof Bag - Large (+£189.00)
A well proportioned everyday messenger bag with full waterproof capability. A perfect all-weather city commuter

This bag features a padded laptop sleeve, large 'invisible' front flap pocket and bright orange internal lining to help locate items quickly. This is the bag that fits all you need for the day, completely safe and dry, whilst keeping a stylish low profile.

Click here for full product information

Borough Roll Top (+£143.00)
Robust weatherproof materials and multiple storage compartments help to keep you organised and make this your go-to bag; whatever your ride demands. New functional features include an adjustable external load carry strap – great for helmets, jackets, or other large items. Redesigned interiors now include both laptop and water bottle sleeves, allowing the user more flexible usage solutions. This bag now features a rubberised webbing handle, making it compatible with ALL Brompton handlebar types. This bag is great for weekend adventures.

Click here for full product information

Metro Messenger - Large (+£143.00)
The Metro L in black is built with high-grade materials and is ready for anything your commute can throw at it, while keeping you organised on the move and in the office. New functional features include a front flap for improved coverage and buckles on the outside for easier access. Redesigned interiors now include a laptop and water bottle sleeve allowing the user more flexible usage solutions. This bag now features a rubberised webbing handle making it compatible with ALL Brompton handlebar types. This bag is inspired by the classic messenger style and is perfect for the city commuter.

Click here for full product information

Metro City Bag - Medium (+£135.00)
One for the workers, a casual briefcase style with bags of space to organise the work essentials and leaving space for lightweight riding gear.
Made using a rugged nylon material and completed with a waterproofed zipped padded laptop compartment.
This bag features pockets designed specifically for documents, cables and stationery
On the back (so facing you when riding) is discreet rear pocket for valuables.

Click here for full product information

Metro Backpack - Medium (+£127.00)
The Brompton Metro Back Pack is the first backpack designed to work with the Brompton front luggage system or your back. Leaving you with free hands for your bike and anything else during your commute

The bag is made from a recycled polyester yarn, with a padded air mesh rear panel to help prevent your back from getting too hot

Click here for full product information

Borough Tote Bag - Small (+£88.00)
This tote is made using highly water-resistant twill weave fabric and has room enough to accommodate essentials for a day out or trips to town. It features a zipper-secured main compartment and two external pockets. Soft webbing handles are long enough to wear over your shoulder or carry in your hand and can be tucked away in front pocket for when you are on bike. This bag clips on to the Brompton bike using the front carrier block and is the perfect addition. Compatible with all handlebars types.

Click here for full product information

Borough Basket (+£75.00)
This basket bag is made using the sturdiest of fabrics and hardware for long lasting performance and durability. It still features the innovative folding brace and carry system with new added features – The added webbing loops on the outside allows you to attach extra items. This bag has stronger cam buckles and a new reflective logo badge to help keep you safe and seen. The Basket is compatible with ALL Brompton handlebar types.

Click here for full product information

Metro Waterproof Pouch (+£45.00)
The Brompton waterproof roll top pouch is designed to be attached to your handlebars or saddle loops using a pair of simple velcro straps. A third velcro strap attaches to the seat post or handlebar stem to stop side-to-side movement.

Click here for full product information

Metro Pouch (+£30.00)
The Brompton Metro pouch is ideal for holding your riding essentials. We're thinking purse/wallet, inner tube, keys, compact camera and/or phone

It is designed to sit on the handlebars or the saddle.

Click here for full product information

Rear Luggage
The Rack Sack can only be configured on a Version R bike with rear rack.

Rack Sack (+£90.00)
Made from tough DuPont Cordura, the Rack Sack has been designed to complement the Brompton's rear rack perfectly. With the sides lined for stiffness, the Rack Sack offers 16 litres of storage without obscuring any Brompton lighting system. It is attached to the bike via straps, clips and Velcro around the suspension bung, the rear rack and the seat pillar, offering a highly secure, shower-proof solution. Comes supplied with a shoulder strap.
Transport & Storage
B&W Folding Bike Hard Case (+£235.00)
Samsonite-type hard case for travelling with your Brompton bike. Made of vacuum moulded strike-proof ABS plastic, this is a tough enough case to withstand the rigours of air travel. With telescopic handle and wheels for easy movement, flush-fitting locks and Velcro security strap. Dimensions: Interior: 625 x 610 x 240mm; exterior 700 x 640 x 330mm
Padded Travel Bag (+£165.00)
New for 2019, the Travel Bag is a development on the much trusted B-Bag. The side panels have been reinforced to offer greater protection to the bike whilst in transit and it has four wheels for easier transportation when packed. The whole bag now folds into a slim, small package which can be worn over the shoulder on the route to or from the station or airport.
B&W Foldon Bag (+£54.95)
Bag for Brompton Bikes
Perfectly fitting bag for foldon case and foldon box
Made of tear-proof nylon fabric
incl. shoulder strap
Cover (+£30.00)
Often useful, especially when travelling on public transport, the zip-up Brompton Cover is quick to fit and remove, and features a draw cord around its base to ensure a secure fit. The cover comes in a saddle bag, ensuring it is readily to hand; the saddle bag can be attached to purpose-built fastening loops at the rear of the basic and Brooks saddles or to the rails of the Vitesse saddle.


Dedicated toolkit for Brompton bikes.
Brompton ToolKit (+£70.00)
Brompton make one of the world's most iconic folding bicycles. Originally designed in 1977, it has been continuously refined ever since. However there has never been a dedicated toolkit for the bike. That's now changed: this new toolkit fits discretely within the front frame tube such that, when the bike is in use, the toolkit is fully enclosed within the frame. The kit includes all the tools necessary for most road-side repairs in a compact, lightweight unit. Perhaps the most innovative features of the kit are the space-saving double-ended driver bits and the unique tyre levers. These make removing tyres substantially easier and also incorporate 10 and 12mm spanners (patent-pending).
Estimated* weight
(*excludes luggage selections)
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